We Take Pride In Clean Streets And Flawless Parking Lots

Total Property Services

Proudly Serving Virginia & Surrounding Areas

Family Owned & Operated

Sweeping Services



Parking Lot Sweeping

  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Parks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Town Centers

Residential HOA Sweeping

Parking Garage Sweeping

Roadway Sweeping

GPS Check-In Available: All of Our Sweepers Have GPS Dash Cameras For Added Safety & Onboard Computers For Dependability. Never Worry Again if Service Was Completed, We Can Provide Exact Time On-site, Completion Photos And More.

Janitorial Services



Disposal of Office Trash
Vacuuming and Mopping of Office Areas
Sweeping of Office Debris
Washing of Interior Windows
Cleaning and Dusting of Office Areas
Maintenance of Office Restrooms

(Replenishing Consumables, Scrubbing of Sinks and Stalls)

Porter Services



General Labor

Trash Removal

Cleaning Parking Lot

Cleaning Landscape Areas

Cleaning Dumpster Enclosures

Cleaning and Changing Trash Cans

Wiping Windowsills and Windows

Shopping Center Maintenance (General Repairs, Bulb Replacement, Bollard & Car Stop Repair, Etc)

Pressure Washing Services




Loading Docks

Dumpster Enclosures
Parking LotsExterior Walls and More

Secondary Services

Snow Removal

Commercial Landscaping
Parking Lot Striping
Construction Clean-up Services
Asphalt Repair
Graffiti Removal
Parking Block Installation
Sign Installation
Seasonal Clean-up
Junk Removal
General Contracting Services
Sprinkler ServicesBack Flow Testing & Inspection

Stadium & Event Services



Need A Professional Cleaning Staff For Your Venue?

We Offer Cleaning Services Before, During, And After Events

This Includes Pre-Venue Cleaning, Seat Cleaning, Trash Removal,

Recycle Collection, Restroom Attendants, Spill Response, Pressure Washing,

Post Venue Cleaning, Porter Services 

Please Call or Email For More Information